Welcome to 5 Lakes Flavor

Our Mission

At 5 Lakes Flavor, we’re passionate about bringing the world’s flavors to your table with a focus on natural, wholesome ingredients.  We are committed to sourcing the finest quality ingredients to create unique and delicious products that you can feel good about enjoying.

Our Story

As friends, Alisha and Elizabeth share a love for food.  While traveling internationally, Alisha encountered a new kind of condiment – chili oil – and brought a jar back for Elizabeth.  They both fell in love with the taste and texture and quickly learned how versatile the condiment could be for them and their families.  While searching for replacements, it was tough to find a chili oil that sourced high quality ingredients and healthy oils.  Soon after, 5 Lakes Flavor was established where Alisha and Elizabeth developed their ideal crunchy chili oil – Ruby Crunch!

Our Values

When you choose 5 Lakes Flavor, you’re not just choosing delicious food – you’re choosing a commitment to quality ingredients and sustainability with our eco-friendly packaging.

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